Call for volunteers in Hungary

We are looking for 2 volunteers aged between 18 – 30 for the Service in Mission ESC project which will take place in Ráckeresztúr, Hungary, starting from October 2019 until 29 September 2020.    The work requires a certain degree of…

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Who We Are?

We are a non-governmental organization located in the beautiful multicultural city of Oradea, Romania. Our association was founded in 2008 at the initiative of a small group of youngsters eager to contribute to the diverse community they live in. Their goal was to implement and to promote sustainable development and respect for the Romanian society in Europe.   We are a small organization working actively with youth. Our main focus is on Erasmus+ projects (Youth Exchange, Seminar, EVS), however we work on other projects as well (Europe for Citizens, Cross-Border Cooperation Projects). We are passionate about our work, we love developing new projects and activities through which we can include and help young people by enlarging their horizon, showing them alternative ways they can develop themselves through non-formal education.


Youth Exchange memories from Slovenia

Between 11-20.10.2019, our Association has been a partner in the project “ UNDER THE SAME SKY – LGBT COMMUNITY AND SOCIETY”. It brought together young people from 5 countries. Teams from Slovenia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Greece and Romania met in Mansion Rakičan, Murska Sobota, Slovenia, in order to bring attention to the…

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Sport for everyone

Another great youth exchange has ended!   This time around – our Association has been partners in the project “Sport for everyone” organized by Stowarzyszenie Centrum Sportow Motorowych Moto-Strefa in Lodz, between 16 – 28.09.2019. Some of the youth exchange’s objectives were:  – developing passions and hobbies, also in the context of future jobs/careers…

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Creative industries in rural areas

Today we are looking back at another beautiful youth exchange, where our participants have had a wonderful time!    Creative industries in rural areas took place in Zadar, Croatia from June 28th until July 7th and it brought together youngsters from 5 different countries – Croatia, Romania, Greece, Italy and…

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What Participants Say?

  • Melinda

    “I really needed some fresh air, new people, new experiences. I was angry, I did not know where I belong. When I saw the project I knew I have to go and that was the best I idea I had lately. It was an adventure in many ways: I got to know many amazing people from Italy, Armenia, Albania, The Ukraine, Hungary, Spain, Turkey, and also my team mates from Romania."

  • Laci

    “For me this was my first Youth Exchange, nevertheless it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. Meeting new people, learning different cultures, developing new skills, communicating and visiting new places, all of this made my day. Every day was a whole new experience and a lot of fun.”

  • Dan

    “This youth exchange program had a special meaning for me as I had the chance to meet new people and make friends from countries I always wanted to visit. The topic was well discussed, the organizers made their best to offer us everything related to the debating schedule, accommodation and food. The location was awesome and we also had the opportunity to play different games in the adventure park."

  • Zsolt

    "There’s a great big world out there and the time to discover it is now. I did it. From the moment I was notified I had been chosen to participate, I started to count the days. It was as bad to wait, as later the departure from Dobra Siła. Finally we arrived, and from the very beginning the place, the other members, and everything in general just amazed me. I can't describe it better, it is a must try experience. Beside of the opportunity to travel and learn something new (like juggling) the project gives you a lot of things, unreachable by another way."

  • Csilla

    "This was my third exchange, and it was the country and the keywords under the topic that got my attention (jugglery :D ). Not only that we got to know each others' cultures, but all those 24 people from the other countries. It felt like having a family – the best family I can wish for. Everyone gained something: jugglery skills, performing experience, friendship and even love. The days spent together working and those nights by the lake or the fire gave us all an experience of a lifetime."

  • Ervin

    "It was all about balancing. Balancing through programs and free time, balancing through a slack line, balancing through languages... We shared our feelings and thoughts finally ending up in a loving community where everyone had the chance to open, create and express. The people were amazing, the programs were interesting and the organizers were flexible."

  • Csaba

    "It’s really hard to make a short resume about these two weeks, because it was amazing, full with activities and interesting people. I’ve seen and experienced many things. Many people and many cultures from Italy, Spain, Turkey and Poland in a big house at Stare Juchy, far from the city noise. The organizers made everything possible, great people, full with motivation and creativity. Thank you guys for everything!"

  • Meli

    "I really loved the exchange program in Poland. As a teacher, it was really useful for me to participate in various games, and learn new ways to attract people's attention. An intercultural environment is always a great experience, because you face for instance cultural habits that you took for granted."

  • Atti

    "It was my first youth exchange. Everything went just perfect, the place was amazing, just as the hosts. I'm really happy that I had the opportunity to meet people from different cultures. It's the perfect opportunity to meet something new, experience and evolve."