Entrepreneurship from A to Z-generation

December 3, 2018

Another beautiful youth exchanges has come to an end! 


Our organization together with its partners Youth Center Bit (Slovenia), You in Europe (Greece), Patrónus (Slovakia) and Stowarzyszenie Inicjatyw Regionalnych (Poland) has successfully implemented the project “Entrepreneurship from A to Z-generation” held in Oradea, between 25.11 – 01-12.2018, funded by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Commission.


The theme of the project was entrepreneurship, and it gathered 30 participants from 5 countries, having 6 participants from each country. Within the project youngsters had the opportunity to acquire practical knowledge about the necessary steps for creating a business.  During the 7 days project they have learned about themselves, they have identified their community needs, in groups they have worked on their own business ideas that they have planned in detail, adding more and more details to it each day, as  they have acquired more and more knowledge on the topic. At the end of the week they have presented them before a jury, and together they have evaluated the ideas, discussing the strong points, the innovative factors, and aspects that can be revised. After the one week project, participants have become aware of their own abilities, they have developed their entrepreneurial skills and attitudes through a range of non-formal activities.

The youth exchange had activities like: interactive presentations, creative workshops, team building games, simulation games, promotion materials creation, study visit, evaluation sessions, intercultural evenings etc.
Objectives of the youth exchange:
– Acquiring basic knowledge of the steps required to create a business by 30 young people
– Developing transversal skills and entrepreneurial skills among the 30 young people
– Improving the self-awareness and personal development of young people, necessary for building an entrepreneurial spirit
– Learning about the possibilities offered by the Erasmus + program by 30 young people


In conclusion, we can say that the planned objectives of the project have been reached, the participants have created some incredible business plans, and all of us have had a wonderful time together! Thank you to everyone for your active participation, for your great ideas, enthusiasm and positive attitude!