An overview of a beautiful youth exchange

October 1, 2018

After each youth exchange program it is nice and useful to gather around and look back at the project that we have been a part of. We like to do this in the framework of an evaluation session, having some informal discussions, experience-sharing and fun, thinking about all the things that have happened during the given week. 


This time we look back to a youth exchange, which took place in Nea Moudania between 31 August – 9 September, called “Euroscepticism? Take your role and face it!” The project gathered 36 participants from 6 countries: Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Poland, Romania and Spain.

The objective of the project was to promote the very crucial socio-politic phenomenon of Euroscepticism among young people and to ask them – through the Non Formal Education procedure – to testify their ideas and opinions and to propose methods on how to face it.


What better way to gain a deeper understanding on such complex subjects than through role play, where participants can step into the shoes of different characters and better understand certain life-situations, different positions and personalities through experience. Our participants agreed that the most memorable role-play that they took part of during the project was when they visited the city hall, where they had a chance to step into the role of politicians through an organized debate between different parties. Another important learning moment represented a Casino activity, where the youngsters could visit different stations, answering questions about the European Union and about Greece, having an interesting way of remembering these information.

For some of our participants, this project was their first youth exchange experience, and this is what they have thought about it:

“For me, the project in Greece was a challenge, not just because it was the first, but because I went without knowing anyone, I also did not know much about the subject. Things have changed. I have known cool people with whom I still have a connection with, I have learned that I do not have to be afraid to expose my opinion in public, and that sometimes the things you have the least expectation of are the ones that completely exceed them, as it was in this case.”


“For me, the experience in Greece was very useful, because I have learned new things about Euroscepticism, I had the opportunity to see different perspectives. What I liked the most was the parliament simulation, where it was a bit difficult to get into the given characters, but, through empathy, we managed to gain a better understanding about the way of thinking of different personalities”


All in all, we look back on this beautiful youth exchange with joy, and we are very grateful to have taken part of it!