Capturing water for life – successful ESC project in the Czech Republic

July 23, 2019

Work-camp Capturing water for life taking place between 1st to 14th of July 2019 has been finished successfully.

The objective of the work-camp was to create sustainable system for rainwater harvesting and recycling gray and black water system in the main office of Spolek Hvozd, to be more solidarity to the nature, to support solidarity feeling between different nationalities.

The project has been realized within the European Solidarity Corps.

To better understand, what this project was about, and to get a more personal insight into the process, it’s best to read it from the volunteer’s point of view:

“We, participants, were chosen from six different countries: Spain, Italy, France, Czech, Slovakia and Romania

Every one of us, who came here, has a very unique personality and a big dose of passion to work for change. We want to obtain more and more knowledge about our surroundings.

We were working very hard most of the days empowered with clear vision of the finished project.

At the end we succeeded! The “reed bed wastewater treatment system” is connected.

Now, all the work is done. Household waste water is already slowly running through the first steps of the system. It will take some time before it will eventually fill the final second pool. We wish that one day we will stop by to see the result of our work in full action.”