Creating your own world requires courage!

September 18, 2019

Here’s to another successfully finished youth exchange! 


Our awesome Romanian group has taken part in the youth exchanged called “Creating your own future requires courage!” which took place in Poronin, Poland between 24 – 31.05.2019. There were a total of 36 participants coming from six countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Portugal, Romania, Lithuania and Spain).


The goal of the youth exchange was to develop competences which can allow us to better understand the world around us, take smarter decisions and give valuable, positive input to our local communities, countries and whole Europe.



Here’s what our participants had to say about this experience:


The Polish project has filled me with a lot of positivism. The project from Poronin has helped me increase my communication skills. Furthermore, I have had the chance of meeting new people, with whom we have become friends.


It has been a beautiful experience, where I’ve had the chance to get to know people from other countries and I got to see that we are not so different from each other, even if we come from different backgrounds. I have felt extraordinary during this project, thanks to the activities carried out together with a group of people, with whom we have resonated perfectly. What I have learned during this project is that although people come from different backgrounds, they can integrate well within a group, especially if they have a common goal to reach. What is important is understanding each other, rather than the country they come from. 

It was very cool to meet new people, with whom I have met since the project ended. The atmosphere was awesome, especially the intercultural evenings. I have learned many new things, the most interesting was to create a complete theater scene.