Creative industries in rural areas

October 17, 2019

Today we are looking back at another beautiful youth exchange, where our participants have had a wonderful time! 


Creative industries in rural areas took place in Zadar, Croatia from June 28th until July 7th and it brought together youngsters from 5 different countries – Croatia, Romania, Greece, Italy and Spain.


The main aim of the exchange was to introduce young people how to use cultural heritage as the basis of developing some of creative industries in one’s own community. They have been be introduced with various interpretations of cultural heritage and they were also expected to give their contribution through active participation in workshops.


The project activities have included workshops, field work, lectures and practical work. 

The activities contributed to the purpose of the project: to develop participants’ sensitivity for possibilities of creating new services and products of creative industries on the basis of cultural heritage; increase possibilities for self-employment and employment in this sector; and to encourage linguistic diversity, intercultural awareness and dialogue.


To better understand what this project was about, take a look at this video, which captures various moments of the Youth Exchange, and its creative and fun atmosphere. Watch it HERE.

Thank you, Local action group Mareta for making this beautiful experience possible!