Critical thinking meet-up in Oradea!

September 20, 2018

Our international group, made up of participants coming from 4 different countries – Poland, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania – has had a meeting with the youngsters from the local community of Oradea. It is safe to say that our meeting has been a wonderful experience for everyone who was present at the event!


So what was our meeting about?

Since we have gathered on this youth exchange from different parts of Europe to learn more about the importance of media literacy and critical thinking, we thought it would be a great idea to share our experiences with other youngsters, trying to raise awareness among them about why this subject is important, how they can start being more critical towards the large amount of news, media content and information that we come across in our daily lives! We also wanted to encourage other youngsters to get out of their comfort zones, to experience non-formal education like we have, and to try the Erasmus+ feeling by participating in similar Youth Exchanges!


So how did we do it?

A few days before the event, our team has created a poster to promote our event in the local community, then the following days flew by with countless fun workshops, video creating, different games and lots of shared ideas and thoughts. Before we knew it, it was SUNDAY already! To be honest, we were a little nervous about presenting the things we have made and about how the youngsters will receive us and the things we want to share with them! As it turns out, we didn’t need to worry, the youngsters were very kind to us, and also very curious to learn more about our experiences. So after being introduced by the organizers, we have presented our brochure, we have told them about  the activities through which we have learned the things that we have gathered in the brochure, and then we showed them our videos. They seemed to have enjoyed them judging by their laughs and claps. Then it was time to engage in some informal discussion, so everybody was free to walk around, and talk to whomever they wanted to. It was a really cool experience! We have learned some words and expressions from them, they have told us all about their university experiences, it was very fun to compare the ‘student life’ of the different countries!


The conclusion?

Our meeting with the youngsters has been a memorable experience! We are glad we had the chance to get out of our comfort zones, to share the things we have created while practicing our presenting skills. Last but not least, the youngsters from Oradea are very cool people! Some of us are already planning on coming back to visit, So on behalf of the Start thinking, critically participants: thank you for this experience!