E-quality in multicultural youth projects

March 17, 2013
Timea Grunzo

26 European youth workers met in Murzasichle to improve the e-quality methods in implementing multicultural projects under ERASMUS+ Program financed by the European Union. From 1-6th August active youth workers, legal representatives, members, trainers, facilitators, project co-coordinators from 8 countries (Poland, Portugal, Lithuania, Romania, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Bulgaria) held a seminar on e-quality methods in implementing multicultural youth projects. Cultures, experiences and skills have transformed into an amazing and unforgettable experience for the participants and local people. Through digital competences, social media tools, rich experience of trainer Luiza Czajkowska and IT expert Darek Zelazny they managed to discover effective methods to be used in their future careers. With a little help of the local people they discovered also something priceless: Polish traditions like music, food, language and marvelous nature. A mix of cultures and different attitudes has transformed a group of young people into a multicultural and experienced powder keg. While observing the energy of the participants it is sure that the fire of ideas will not expire.