Follow-up of “Start it up – young entrepreneurs” project

October 31, 2018

In most cases, what really defines the success of a project is the way it is perceived by the participants after a certain amount of time has passed after the end of the project activities.  A common way to analyze this, is in the form of a questionnaire, where participants can answer questions regarding the topic of the project, its activities and questions about the ways their participation has changed their everyday lives, behaviors, attitudes toward certain subjects and so on. This was the method used in case of this project as well.


Three months after the project, we made available an anonymous online survey among the participants of the project, which was aimed at checking the long-term impact of the project on the attitude and activity of the participants, among others in terms of involvement in Erasmus + as well as in the subject of entrepreneurship.


What the survey has showed is that 97% of participants in the project a few months after the meeting still think that it was needed, brought positive results and would definitely recommend it to friends, peers, based on the feedback from 34 of 36 participants, or more than 94% of people taking part in the exchange.


For example, 70% of participants after the exchange have either undertaken real entrepreneurial activities or have them planned by the end of the year. This shows the very strong impact of our actions on the determination and motivation of young people. Even more can be satisfied with the fact that 85% of us have been involved in further Erasmus + projects or work in youth organizations.


In conclusion, the survey clearly shows that this project was a real success among the participants as well as among the partner organizations, and that it had made a strong impact on the youngsters, motivating and encouraging them to take further steps toward their chosen entrepreneurial paths.


You can read more about the summary of the survey and about the result of each question on the link below: