New partnerships made during contact making seminar in Poland

July 23, 2019

Our organization took part in the “New partnerships for effective youth work” Contact Making Seminar, held in Krakow, Poland between 8 – 12 July 2019, organized by Platforma Integracji Mlodziezy.

The event has gathered representatives of non-governmental organizations from 11 different countries in Europe, various types of organizations working with youth in many areas.

During our short time together, we were able to get acquainted with each other’s organization, main area of work and past experiences, as well as to start collaborating on identifying some common needs of young people in our communities, in order to start planning some projects together for the future!


Not only did we enjoy working together with such a diverse group of people, but we also managed to explore the city of Krakow, to visit a local council and also to experience each other’s culture and tradition.


Thank you to all for this memorable experience! We look forward to working together on future projects!