Press release Brand (new) you(th)!

July 25, 2017

The Association of Intercultural Communities with partners from five countries: Hungary, Poland, Turkey, Greece and Slovakia have carried out the project “Brand (new) you (th)!” In Baile 1 Mai, Bihor County. This project was funded by the European Commission through the “Erasmus +” Program, Key Action 1: Youth Mobility Project.
The activities of the project took place between 11.06.2017 – 18.06.2017.

The main theme of the project was personal branding. The project group included a total of 30 participants aged 18-30. To achieve the objectives of the project, the program included activities such as: non-formal learning methods, group activities, brainstorming, presentations, situation games, creative workshops, team building activities, self-knowledge activities, creating personal branding videos.

Project goals:
– Introducing participants in the concept and importance of personal branding
– Introducing participants into personal introspection methods
– Building the personal brand and exploring the tools needed to promote it
– Developing the skills and competencies needed to improve their socio-professional life
– Knowing the Erasmus + program and the opportunities it offers

Project activities:
– Preparing the project
– Promoting the Erasmus + project and program
– Youth Exchange
– Dissemination of project results
– Monitoring
– Evaluation

For more information please contact us at the following e-mail:
E-mail address:
Contact person: Alexandru Gyöngy, tel: 0740601870