Press release: Starting the project activities of “Eat.Move.Connect”

September 8, 2016
Timea Grunzo

The Association of Intercultural Communities together with partners from six countries: Hungary, Poland, Lithuania, Italy, Greece and Slovakia announces the beginning of the project activity “Eat.Move.Connect”.
This project is funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ program, Key Action 1: Learning Mobility of Individuals.

The main theme of the project is sport and healthy lifestyle. The group of this project includes a total of 35 participants aged 18-25. They will participate from September 11 to 19th, 2016 in various activities through non-formal education methods, through which young people will get acquainted with the benefits of a healthy lifestyle with the help of specialists in the relevant fields.
The venue of the project activities is Baile 1 Mai, Bihor County, near the town of Oradea.

Project objectives:
– Promoting and raising awareness among young people from different backgrounds, on the importance of regular physical activity
– Creating a 7-day meal plan that is linked to a certain type of physical activity
– Developing the key abilities and competencies in accordance with the Youthpass certificate
– Discovering the opportunities offered by the Erasmus + program

To achieve the objectives of the project “Eat.Move.Connect” the program will include methods and activities such as: non-formal education methods, team-work, brainstorming, presentations, situation games, cooking activities, sport activities, creating a menu.

For more information please contact us at the following e-mail:
Contact person: Alexandru Gyöngy, tel: 0740601870