Press release Youth on Labor Market

March 10, 2012
Timea Grunzo

The Association of Intercultural Communities from Oradea, in partnership with the Association “Miskolc és Kornyéke Fiataljaiért” from Miskolc and the Association “Mládežnícky spolok Exit” from Slovakia, will implement during the period of 12-18 March 2012, in Baile 1 Mai, Bihor County the project titled “Youth on the Labor Market”
The project is funded by the European Commission under the Youth in Action Program: 1.1. Youth Exchange;
The project theme is the eternal problem of youth namely employment;
The project will involve eight young people from three countries: Romania, Hungary and Slovakia, aged between 18-25 years;
The program of activities will include round table discussions, lectures, workshops, energizers, intercultural evenings, team building activities, debates, and free time;
These activities will include methods and techniques of non-formal education;

The objectives are:
A primary objective is to identify the fears and concerns of young people regarding their entrance to the labor market and solve these problems;
A secondary objective of the Youth Exchange is that young people from the three countries to get to know each other’s culture, traditions and learn to live together in a multicultural Europe without prejudice to each other.
The project will be attended by three guests who will address the topic of the project from several different points of view:
– Sociological, which will be addressed by Levente Székedi university lecturer;
– From the point of view of the labor code;
– An employer’s point of view.

More information can be requested from Alexandru Gyöngy, Project Coordinator, Tel. +40 740 601870, and on the organization’s website: