Sport for everyone

December 3, 2019

Another great youth exchange has ended!


This time around – our Association has been partners in the project “Sport for everyone” organized by Stowarzyszenie Centrum Sportow Motorowych Moto-Strefa in Lodz, between 16 – 28.09.2019.

Some of the youth exchange’s objectives were: 

– developing passions and hobbies, also in the context of future jobs/careers

– preventing social exclusion

– Popularizing the idea of integration in sport

– Shaping the attitude of tolerance and respect for personal freedom

The activities of the youth exchange included linguistic and cultural preparation, radio workshops – free talk, debates, vocal workshops, radio talk show and many others.


Take a look at the testimonies of the Romanian participants below, to get a better sense of what this experience meant to them:

This was my first Erasmus experience and I think that the project was very fun and exciting. Meeting new people and cultures, and getting to know them deeper made me realize that the language barriers and cross cultural differences could become nonexistent if they were treated with care. Furthermore my English language skills had improved a lot. I am really grateful because I could practice my English and share my thoughts in a highly important topic. All in all, I dare say that it was an unforgettable experience for all of us. I would also like to thank the organizers for this opportunity.


So,this was my first Erasmus program. I can recommend that if someone has the opportunity to participate to such a trip/experience then I think it’s a MUST. Being together with other people from totally different countries, cultures especially for more than 10 days is inconceivably good. My English has improved a lot,and I got a new way of thinking about foreign people. I would like to thank for everyone who gave me the opportunity to be a part of this. THANK YOU!❤


To begin with, this was the first time I had participated in an Erasmus+ project. Everything about the project was fantastic, meeting and establishing new friendships with youngsters from different countries was absolutely a lifelong experience. I can say that we all had a common feeling, which was excitement and happiness. I’ve improved my communication skills tremendously by having to speak each and every day in English, for which I am also very grateful. I must mention the multiculturalism I’ve been part of, being able to know new cultures. All in all, thank you for this wonderful experience. 🙌🏻


This was my first Erasmus+ project and i hope it is not the last. I think this project was one of the most important experiences in my life so far. Meeting with many people, who don’t come from the same culture and don’t speak the same language is an extremely wonderful thing. It is the best way to improve the language and the social skills. I am very grateful for the opportunity and thank you for the unrepeatable experience.








The project was enjoyable, it inspired me a lot. It was a lifetime experience to meet extroverted and open minded people from other countries. The topic had been chosen wisely, it efficiently changed our way of thinking, and helped us to expand the limits of our tolerance. I felt myself comfortable with our leaders and people who were open to build relationships. The project helped us to develop our communication, and social skills. I would like to say thank you to all of the organizers.


I have to say that the 10 days of this Erasmus+ project — which also was my first one — with all of its activities, happened to become one of the best experiences of my life so far, and it is easy to understand why: it had plenty of benefits and absolutely no drawbacks. During those two weeks I had the opportunity to meet and befriend a few open-minded, intelligent, sociable and very kind youngsters. This way I got to know more precisely how my personality was in fact, to socialize more easily, to be able to speak almost fluently in English and to express my thoughts more confidently (which was also helped by the debates). Together with the loose timetable, which helped to improve our independence, it also was a good preparation for the University life. Also, during the project I’ve learned a lot of valuable things about Greek and Polish people, their languages (useful phrases and expressions, mostly), their culture and their cuisine, for instance. Long story short, the project had many beneficial effects regarding my personality, cultural knowledge, linguistic skills and life experience, and I am tremendously grateful for the opportunity to take part in it.




This was the first Erasmus+ project for me too, but I can’t say anything bad about it: it was very enjoyable and exciting. By this project I became conscious of the importance of multiculturalism nowadays, as I had the opportunity to meet new people, languages and cultures, and I can feel that all the things I’ve learned there, with and about those people are nothing but information that are well worth to know. Moreover, I also have to mention that during the project, my capability of speaking English got considerably and surprisingly better, as far as I was supposed to share all of my thoughts in this world language. To sum up, I need to say that the whole project was a precious and memorable life experience for me just as for any of us. Last, but not least I would also like to thank the organizers for the opportunity of me participating in the project.


This was my first Erasmus+ project, but I hope it is not the last, because all the programs were fun and enjoyable. It was interesting to meet new people, new cultures and taste their foods and drinks. In my opinion this is the best way to improve your language and social skills. I would also thank for the organizers.