You(th) and Business training course and study visit – a story of success

October 10, 2018

Our association has taken part in the project “You(th) and Business” which included a 7 day training course in Rzeszów, Poland (19 – 25 August) and a 5 day study visit in Seinäjoki, Finland (1 – 5 October), funded by the Erasmus+ Program. 

The project gathered representatives from 9 countries, who actively work with young people. The participating countries were: Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Romania.


The aim of this project was to improve the entrepreneurial knowledge of youth workers in order to be better equipped to guide and stimulate young people to engage in private initiatives.

During the training course in Rzeszów, participants had the opportunity to get to know each other, each other’s field of work, to learn more about social entrepreneurship through various interactive presentations, discussions and group works. Throughout the activity, youth workers were also introduced to a highly useful tool, used in different learning and working environments, called Revas, a well developed business simulation game, aimed at teaching the steps and various aspects of starting a business while having fun in the mean time!


The study visit took place in Seinäjoki, where in the course of 5 days, youth workers had the opportunity and pleasure to visit a wide range of institutions carrying out entrepreneurship education, as well as enterprises working in a wide range of fields. Participants were introduced to the way entrepreneurship education is carried out throughout the formal education of young people – starting from kindergarten – , they also learned about the various opportunities through which the government is supporting young people’s entrepreneurial initiatives and they had the opportunity to meet with many outstanding entrepreneurs, who have shared their personal experiences.


The You(th) and Business project, through its wide ranging activities, has successfully equipped youth workers with practical knowledge of entrepreneurship, starting with a business idea, throughout making a business plan, and finding the right funds and support systems from various actors in society, thus enabling participants to further share their gathered knowledge and experiences to their own working fields.


As a next step, we look forward to implement and transfer all this practical knowledge, good practice and great example into our everyday work with young people. We are grateful to have had this inspiring experience!