Youth Exchange memories from Slovenia

March 29, 2020

Between 11-20.10.2019, our Association has been a partner in the project “ UNDER THE SAME SKY – LGBT COMMUNITY AND SOCIETY”.

It brought together young people from 5 countries. Teams from Slovenia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Greece and Romania met in Mansion Rakičan, Murska Sobota, Slovenia, in order to bring attention to the position of members of the LGBT community in different countries.

The project also aimed at spreading tolerance and raising awareness about LGBT community, so we can regard it as a natural part of society.
Sharing of experience among national teams revealed that LGBT is, sadly, still a taboo or avoided topic in many cases, thus this project contributes greatly to make all colors more visible.


The LGBTQ project in Slovenia was a unique and memorable experience for all the participants.


Take a look at the testimonials of Romanian participants to get a better image of what this project meant to them:


It was a great experience,  I learned about LGBT community, I learned about me! It was an amazing place, I’m happy because I met new people and made good connection with them. Also, I discovered new cultures and it was amazing.


It was an interesting experience. I learned to be more tolerant. I’m glad that I met some really nice people and I made some new friendships.


I learned more about the LGBT community and I’ve made amazing experiences.
I’ve learned that our differences make us special and I learned that we can’t put people in boxes,our heart is the only what can define us.


I think this was one of the best projects I was in, the other participants were really amazing and we were like a family. I learned that you should never judge a book by it’s cover and no one should be ashamed of who they are.


It was my first time in an Erasmus Youth Exchange and I was totally in love with this place,because the guys were so friendly and funny and now I have so many friends in different parts of Europe.


It was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I have got the experience staying in a castle, meeting people from different countries and debunking stereotypes (also making new ones). I learned how to communicate what I want and also made new friendships.