Youth Partnership Through Youth in Action Polanica 2014

March 17, 2013
Timea Grunzo

The Association of Intercultural Communities participated in a seminar organized by EFM organization in Poland from June 8 to 14 in Polanica Zdroj. The Youth Partnership Project through Youth in Action, Erasmus + Programmes and Non-formal Learning involved 24 young people from 12 countries.

Participants came from twelve countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, France, Turkey, Romania, Greece and Slovakia. The seminar aimed to create a network and exchange of ideas between youth workers.

The first morning was devoted to games in which young people had the chance to get to know each other, and team-building games have helped to create a friendly atmosphere. The next activity was the presentation of the Erasmus + Program, respectively the participating organizations so they could get another perspective on the functioning of organizations. The first day ended in an intercultural spirit: participants presented their sweets, beverages typical for their country.

The next day they participated in workshops about non-formal, informal and formal education. They visited the host organization (EFM) of Bystrzyca Klodzka and discovered the beautiful town through a city game.

One of the most interesting day was meeting with volunteers from the organization EFM in the nearby town of Klodzko: they met volunteers from India, Peru and Indonezia. They shared their experiences, talked about their culture and about volunteering.

Youth workers were able to participate in the biggest event of the host organization, Euroweek , where they had the opportunity to speak with children from Poland. On the last day of the project they discussed about partnerships, future plans, joint projects. They spent the last night in a local restaurant tasting Polish specialties.