Youth exchange in Hungary – Call for participants

Call for participants! Project title: Roles Rules Date: 2015. June 29- July 7. Location: Sobri Jóska Adventure Park, Hungary Project topics: During the project we deal with two important topics which influences our society nowadays. First one is gender roles and the other is stereotypes. These topics are related to each other. Each one raise a problem which is incompatible with… [read more]

June 16, 2015

Youth Exchange in Latvia – Call for participants

Call for participants! Project title: Olympic games Project date: 2015.June 08-17 Location: Daugavpils, Latvia   Project theme: healthy lifestyle, agreement about the games results, social inclusion, equal opportunities and participation in sport activities. About the project: During the project time the youth through different kinds of discussions and presentations will examine the current problems in the life of youth connected with the leisure… [read more]

May 26, 2015

Youth Exchange in Poland – Call for participants

Call for participants! Project: “Youth Partnership through “Youth in Action” Programme and Non-Formal Learning” Date: May 10-17 Location: Bystrzyca Klodzka, Poland Details about the project: Main objective: The youth exchange will take place in Poland during 7 days with the participation of 36 youngsters  from Portugal, Hungary, Romania, Italy, Turkey, Poland, will be brought together with the aim of exchanging ideas and… [read more]

April 20, 2015

Youth Exchange in Slovakia – Call for participants

Call for participants! Project title: Communication is my future Date: 2015. April 23-30 Location: Zemplinska Sirava, Slovakia Participants: we need 8 participants, from which 4 of Roma ethnicity Participating countries: Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania Project theme: making new friendships using verbal, non-verbal and interactive communication Methods used: workshops, meetings, discussions, outdoor activities, energizer All costs (accommodation, food, program) covered by organizers, no… [read more]

April 10, 2015

Youth Exchange in Lithuania – Call for participants

Call for participants! Project title: Make your career bravely Date: 2015. April 22-30. Location: Aukštadvaris, Lituania Objective: is to prepare its participants to take a decision regarding the future career, to introduce the main criteria of the successful career to the project participants Aims of the project:  – to strengthen the motivation of the participants for reaching their future aims and encourage… [read more]

April 10, 2015

Call for EVS volunteer!

Réseau d’Entraide Volontaire Dates of the project : 6 months from the 1st April 2015 The project: Solidarités Jeunesses is an organisation that works for non-formal education. It runs a number of small community centres in rural environments and organises short and long-term international workcamps, social integration projects, training programmes and actions for international solidarity. Founded in 1974 by a… [read more]

March 10, 2015

ACT.impACT Call for participants!

Call for participants   Project: ACT.impACT Date: 16-24. November 2014. Location: Hidiselu de Sus, Romania Details about the project: Main objective of the project: Development of five plays with social themes by 30 young people aged 18 to 25 years to promote the active participation of youth in social life and their inclusion.     Project goals: – Increasing youth… [read more]

November 5, 2014

Call for participants- Youth Exchange in Poland

Youth Exchange in Poland   Project title: “Sport – the language of youth” Date: 13-19.10.2014 Place: Tarnow, Poland Participants: age of 18-30 Participating countries: Romania, Lithuania, Poland Details about the project: The aim of the project is promoting participation in cultural life and familiarising with healthy lifestyle aspects. We want to learn the role of culture in our lives, learn about famous european… [read more]

October 1, 2014

Job searching in web2.0.- Call for participants

Call for participants   Project: Job searching in web2.0. Date: October 5-12. 2014. Location: Hidiselu de Sus, Romania   Details about the project: The project entitled Job searching in web2.0 is a trilateral mobility project which will take place in Hidiselu de Sus, near the city of Oradea. The participating countries in this project are: Hungary, Slovakia and Romania. The… [read more]

September 27, 2014

Call for participants to the international project Move Out!

We are looking for participants for the international youth exchange named taking place at Tiszalök, Hungary in the period of 15.09.2014-24.09.2014. The theme of the project: health, sport & well being. Participating countries: Italy, Romania, Lithuania, Greece, Spain, Hungary We provide the travel cost, the accommodation and the meals! If you are interested, please contact us on facebook or at the… [read more]

September 3, 2014