Youth exchange in Hungary – Call for participants

June 16, 2015
Timea Grunzo
Departure: 29/06/2015 Ends: 07/07/2015

Call for participants!

Project title: Roles Rules

Date: 2015. June 29- July 7.

Location: Sobri Jóska Adventure Park, Hungary

Project topics:

During the project we deal with two important topics which influences our society nowadays.

First one is gender roles and the other is stereotypes. These topics are related to each other.

Each one raise a problem which is incompatible with human rights and democratic society.

Social expectations towards gender roles and attitudes of men and women influence the roles of each individuals in society.


  •      to explore and name the existing gender stereotypes among youth in the different countries and make an analysis of them;
  •      to discuss the most common stereotypes and the ways how they could be changed;
  •      to name the rarest stereotypes and see their impact in our lives;
  •      to present the good practices on how the stereotypes might be combated;
  •      to share views, values and expectations of one gender towards the other gender;
  •      to learn accepting the other gender’s views;
  •      to exercise more meaningful ways of coexistence of boys and girls/ men and women.

The activities will include:

  •      team building – by using the possibilities of the adventure park
  •      intercultural stereotypes
  •      stereotypes
  •      about gender roles generally
  •      men and women rights
  •      trip to the capital
  •      reverse day

All costs (accommodation, food, program) covered by organizers, no participation fee.

For more information, please contact Szabó Brigitta: