Youth Exchange in Hungary – Call for participants!

August 10, 2015
Timea Grunzo
Departure: 22/08/2015 Ends: 31/08/2015

Youth Exchange in Hungary

Project title: Care your Career

Date: 22-31 August 2015

Place: Tiszalök, Fiesta Farm, Hungary

Participating countriesBelgium, Czech Republic, Latvia, Italy, Romania, Hungary

Team number: 5 participants + 1 group  leader (36 youngster)



The project’s main topic is the youth’s unemployment and the obstacles in the labour market. We are searching solutions and options with the non-formal learning methods. Our aim is to help the key-comeptences and develop all of the skills what necessary for entering the labour-market. It also helps to gain them tools and ideas what helps them in real situations.


The project’s goal to help the participants to develop their communication, self-knowledge and conflict-solving skills. In theese 10 days they are also learn how to write a good CV and motivation letter and how to sell themselves on the labour-market.

The unemployment in the younger generations is one of the most important problems in the European Union. Several young employee doesn’t have the key-competences what helps them to step into the labour-market,- they are exclused before they can enter in it. Our aim to help them to find their way and plan their life with a certain knowledge.

We will examine this topics through presentations, workshops and situation games but the active participation is the key for the success- they learning without knowing about it. The non-formal education methods helps them to play and learn in the same time while they make connections and gain new friends.

The location of the program is Tiszalök, 6 youngsters from six countries participate during the ten days (36 people, along with group leaders) to share experiences and knowledge and get new information. The participants should be between 18 and 25 years.

All costs (accomodation, food, programme) covered by organisers, no participation fee.

For more information, please contact Szabó Brigitta: